The Local Musician's Repair Technician

  • Maintenance and Repair

    Maintenance and Repair

    From a simple Clean and Restring, to repairing your broken headstock, and everything in between, k-robin can help keep your instrument playing its best. With careful attention to detail and consideration for your playing style and habits, I set up your instrument to your exact specifications and deliver reliable results and repair.

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  • Mods and Customization

    Mods and Customization

    No matter what kind of guitar or bass you play, there are numerous opportunities to upgrade hardware, nuts & saddles, pick-ups, and electronics, which can turn your stock instrument into exactly what you want and need.

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  • Retail Sales

    Retail Sales

    New and used products available, from hardware, pick-ups, and electronics, to boutique picks and effects, even guitars, basses, and amps. k-robin guitars also offers consignment services for selling your gear, and even your band merch and cds.

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  • Community


    Rochester has a diverse, thriving music scene, and with so many local bands receiving services from k-robin guitars, my reach extends to all genres of music, as well as local builders, artisans, technicians, and band support services. Become a friend of k-robin, and get involved in Rochester’s amazing music community.

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